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PICK THE PERFECT POTATO™️ is a free app designed for culinary professionals as well as home cooks who want insights on how to pick potatoes — based on variety-specific traits — to ensure greater success in the kitchen and more enjoyment at the table.

We’re here to help you explore the amazing world of potatoes and, hopefully, get you to love potatoes as much as we do. We show you each potato variety’s cooking type (e.g., FIRM, FINE & CREAMY, or FLOURY or CRUMBLY) and recipes that work well based on cooking type and other traits.

We also share:

  • How-to videos that solve common potato problems
  • Tips from professional chefs
  • Sustainability insights
  • Variety-specific nutrition data
  • Consumer research insights

and so much more.

Download the PICK THE PERFECT POTATO™️ app to make cooking with and eating potatoes a better experience for everyone involved!


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